Planning for your retirement and having a pension in place is more important now than ever. Many of us would like to retire early and with people living to a greater age, retirement can now last longer than the time we spend working.

The value of the investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back as much as you put in.


Pension Advice

State pensions may not deliver the standard of living that you require when you are older and so personal provision must bemade in order to shore up our living expences and quality of life.

Don’t leave your financial future up to a fortune teller. Take matters into your own hands and get the best advice that you deserve and know that your financial future will be taken care of. It’s worth it!


What are your pension options?

Determining the best pension option which is suitable for you is really the crux of the whole pension purchasing planning process. There is no point receiving information or pension advice that is really not applicable to your unique financial and personal situation, so providing accurate information is really the key to the whole endeavor .

So in order for any pension advice to be valuable you need to ask yourself a few questions, so that you know what you are looking for and can narrow down your choices to get closer to finding out what will really work for you.

So you might want to ask yourself:

• How much can I afford to invest regularly into a pension plan?
• When do I want to retire – how many years do I have left?
• What other investments or savings do I have?
• Do other members of my family have pension plans?
• What should I receive from the State Pension?
• What kind of risk am I willing to take with my money?

Derngate Wealth has access to a whole range of retirement products and schemes from a panel of
some of the best providers available.

We offer pension advice on the following:

• Stakeholder Pensions
• Occupational Pensions
• Personal Pensions
• Group Pensions
• SIPP’s
• Retirement Plans
• Phased & Income Drawdown Plans
• Annuities
• Pension transfer Plans

If you are planning your retirement and looking for sound pension advice then please get in contact with us today.